Note: All of the resources listed here are for the dialect of Spanish spoken in Spain, unless specifically stated otherwise

Best Dictionaries


From the web -SpanishDict

For Mobile - SpanishDict

Beginners Material

Spanish Uncovered - This beginners course designed by Olly Richards is based on story, has stunning illustrations and designed to keep you interested and wanting to study more. Also you will get several lessons of the finer aspects of the Spanish language from Olly himself. If you're new to Spanish & language learning in general, this course will teach you a new methodology of learning, as well as take you to a upperbeginner/lower intermediate level. 

Spanish with LingQ – Based on how Steve Kauffman learns languages, Lingq is a system built around building up your listening & reading. All courses are available in with audio, as well as being able to click on any unknown word to get its definition. LingQ offers a wide range of lessons, but the best thing about this site is that you can import your own lessons, take charge of your own learning and learn from interesting content. Because you can control what you are learning from, this system can be used from beginner right up to the advanced stages. Also has a series of 60 mini stories split into three levels of difficulty, in both European and Latin American Spanish

Extra - This is a small youtube series for Spanish learners, and while a little cheesy, you can make out a lot of what is being said from cognates & body language. Even with zero knowledge of Spanish!

Spanishpod101 – This is a great place to start as a beginners with podcasts, dialogues, full line by line audio, transcripts as well as posts about cultural insights and aspects of the language.

Teachyourself: Complete Spanish – This book comes with 25 chapters full on a wide range of topics, building up from the basic, “hello, how are you?”, building you up to more complicated and difficult topics later in the book. Comes with full transcripts and vocabulary lists. Also avaliable with a Latin American version split into 13 chapters.

Spanish Short stories for Beginners – 8 short Spanish stories using a limited vocabulary designed to help Beginner learners of Spanish acquire vocabulary through reading.  Short manageable chapters, as well as audio and vocab lists for each story. There is also a volume 2.

Intermediate Materials

Spanish Conversations  – Spanish conversations is a series of dialogues based around story at natural speed. Made on Stephen Krashen’s language theory of comprehensible input, Spanish conversations gives you real Spanish, that you can use in every day life and is based on an engaging story to keep you coming back for more. Each conversation is also accompanied by a transcript, as well as vocabulary lists

The Linguist  – This book written by Steve Kaufmann is split into three main sections, autobiography about Steve's journey learning languages, the attitude of a linguist and how to learn a language. I found this book an excellent first choice if you are looking to dive into more authentic content, the book is non-fiction about a very specific topic so the vocabulary isn't too overwhelming, the chapters are very short and it is available for free with full audio on LingQ. When I was learning Spanish I found reading about Steves adventure learning languages very inspiring giving me the motivation I needed to keep going. 

Glossika Spanish - Glossika Teaches through mass sentences along with full transcripts and audio. I recommend you have a bit of knowledge of how the language works, in order to be able to break sentences down. Its for this reason I don't recommend glossila to complete beginners. They also have a Mexican Spanish version.

My favourite books for Spanish advanced learners

Sapiens. De animales a dioses – This is one of the most interesting books I have ever read in my life, split into 20 long chapters Yuval Noah Harari tells the story of our evolution explaining how and why we now dominate the planet. The best thing is this book is actually a lot easier to read than you might think, packed full of scientific language this book shares a huge amount of cognates with English.

Cien años de soledad – This is by far the hardest book I have read in Spanish, but it is also the best written. 100 Years of solitude is a nobel prize winning novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and is one of the most influential books ever to come out of Latin America. This book mixes real life problems with a blend of fantasy and magic to tell the unique multi generational story of the Buendia family set in the fictional town of Macondo.



Fluent Spanish Academy - Were you progressing fast in Spanish, but now finding yourself slowing down and don't know what to do? Are you are stuck at upper beginner or intermediate level and want to break through the Plateau? The Fluent Spanish Academy is designed to get Spanish learners together with the common learn of breaking through the intermediate plateau, with Live Training, weekly audio Spanish lessons, Original short stories & more.

Veinte mundos - Spanish podcast/article with downloadable pdf, audio in both Latin American and European Spanish. Also, for the less frequent words when you hover your mouse above them, it shows you the English translation.

Radio Ambulante - With the hosts coming from different places in Latin America, Radio Ambulante is a free website with long radio-style stores, audio and English translations. Perfect for using in conjunction with LingQ to direct your own learning and learn from interesting content.

Espanolautomatico - Podcast about a variety of interesting topics including lots of tips on how to learn Spanish. Podcasts are 100% in Spanish, spoken not too fast and come with transcripts.

Doorway to Mexico - Lessons split into different topics and follows the conversations between an advanced learner and native Mexicans. It is very colloquial and great practice if you want to learn Mexican Spanish. The lesson has a dialogue, followed by a round the table discussion about the words and expressions used. There are some basic features for free, but for full access and the transcripts you need to pay.

A new reference grammar of modern Spanish - This grammar book of modern Spanish, is at a reasonable price, not too heavy and best of all, it has a ton of exercises & examples with Spanish and English translations.

Hellotalk - What better way to practice texting, than with native speakers.

Do you have any great resources for Spanish that I missed off? Let me know in the comments below!


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