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Beginner Resources

German Uncovered - This beginners course designed by Olly Richards is based on story, has stunning illustrations and designed to keep you interested and wanting to study more. Also you will get several lessons of the finer aspects of the German language taught by Kerstin from If you're new to German & language learning in general, this course will teach you a new methodology of learning, as well as take you to a upperbeginner/lower intermediate level. 

German with LingQ – Based on how Steve Kauffman learns languages, Lingq is a system built around building up your listening & reading. All courses are available in with audio, as well as being able to click on any unknown word to get its definition. LingQ offers a wide range of lessons, but the best thing about this site is that you can import your own lessons, take charge of your own learning and learn from interesting content. Because you can control what you are learning from, this system can be used from beginner right up to the advanced stages.

Extra - This is a small youtube series for German learners, and while a little cheesy, you can make out a lot of what is being said from cognates & body language. Even with zero knowledge of German!

Germanpod101 – This is a great place to start as a beginners with podcasts, dialogues, full line by line audio, transcripts as well as posts about cultural insights and aspects of the language.

Teachyourself: Complete German – This book comes with 23 chapters full on a wide range of topics, building up from the basic, “hello, how are you?”, building you up to more complicated and difficult topics later in the book. Comes with full transcripts and vocabulary lists.

German Short stories for Beginners – 8 short German stories using a limited vocabulary designed to help Beginner learners of German acquire vocabulary through reading.  Short manageable chapters, as well as audio and vocab lists for each story.

Café in Berlin - 10 Short stories designed for Beginner learners about a young man from Sicily thrown headfirst into an unfarmiliar urban lifestyle.

Intermediate Materials

German Conversations  – German conversations is a series of dialogues based around story at natural speed. Made on Stephen Krashen’s language theory of comprehensible input, German conversations gives you real German, that you can use in every day life and is based on an engaging story to keep you coming back for more. Each conversation is also accompanied by a transcript, as well as vocabulary lists.

Glossika German - Glossika Teaches through mass sentences along with full transcripts and audio. I recommend you have a bit of knowledge of how the language works, in order to be able to break sentences down. Its for this reason I don't recommend glossila to complete beginners.

Schachnovelle - Written by the famous German author Stefen Zweig, this book contains dark psychological and historical themes having being written just before his suicide in 1942. This book is a novella, meaning a short novel, so is perfect for delving into more interesting content that isn't too overwhelming.

Mario Und Der Zauberer - Written by Thomas Mann, this book is a another novella. Set in 1920s Europe. The story is about Marrio, the narrator, and his trip to Italy where he meets a hypnotist called Cipolla using his powers in order to control people.

Emil Und Die Detektive - This is a novel made for children set in Berlin published back in 1929. This is Eric Kästner's only pre-1945 book to escape Nazi cernsorship and remains one of his best known works to date. It follows the story of Emil, a boy who leaves a provincial German town and travels to Berlin with a small amount of money in his pocket. When he arrives in Berlin he must track down his missing money using the help from a group who call themselves "The Detectives".



WDR Lebenszeichen - German podcast aimed at natives about a range of topics with transcripts in German. Perfect for learning from and importing as a lesson into LingQ.

German grammar you really need to know: Teach Yourself – This grammar book for German is cheap, light, and contains all the basics you need to know. Good used for a reference point when studying German.

Hellotalk – What better way to practice texting, than with native speakers.

Do you have any great resources for German that I missed off? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Pam

    I have tried Pimsleur, Paul Noble and Rilkey but not cheap. Also Andre Klein does. Series of short stories. I’m currently using MosaLingua and Innovative Language, both really good. Coffee break German is an available Podcast. I’m also using an excellent free Pidcast DazPod

    • Truman

      Thanks for commenting. Coffe break German is quite good, it’s nice and easy to listen to during your commute or something like that. I tried Coffee break Chinese before. Although, I really doubt you could learn very much from it if that’s all you used. There is way too much English!

      Thanks for sharing, it looks really good


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